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About Us

PROCONSTROI, Lda., Has been in the civil construction market since September 12, 2006, when it was set up.

At the beginning of its activity it was mainly dedicated to private works. At that time, its geographical area of influence was limited to the city of Maputo.

On December 17, 2009, PROCONSTROI, Lda., Increased its capital to 1,500,000.00 Mt, and now has the 5th Class construction permit, which allows the execution of works up to the value of 60,000,000, 00 Mt for works contract.

PROCONSTROI, Lda., Has been growing steadily, solidly and sustained since its establishment, betting progressively on the diversification of its areas of intervention.

We present in our portfolio several general works, including various works from the foundations to the final finishes of the works, trying to present itself in the market with a solid and modern image, conveying reliability and trust to its clients.

Combining the strong knowledge of some of its main collaborators, a team with a wide experience in the activity, and consequently guaranteeing quality and efficiency in the services rendered, presents itself as a company that intends to stand out in the business panorama of the sector, In Mozambique, already recognized as a company with quality services, experienced and reliable.